A Message From Our Founder for Pearland Area Parents Who Value a Good After School Program

Dear Parent,

If you have a child age 5-13 years old, then this could be the most important web page you read.Here’s why.

I think you’ll agree that it’s absolutely astounding how much negative stuff kids are getting bombarded with these days. On top of that, kids – and parents – are under a lot of pressure. It’s scary.

Being a parent is hard work, that’s for sure. Not only do you have to keep their kids away from the “bad stuff,” you have to make sure your children are doing all the right things at home, in school and during the “in-between” time to ensure they have the best chance possible at a bright future.

Problem is, it’s really hard to do that “on your own” – especially if you’re not home once school lets out. So what does your child do from the time they get out of school until the time you get home? Hopefully your child is doing something positive… but how can you be sure?

Those extra 2-4 hours of “in-between” time after school are crucial in a child’s development. A huge problem that parents have these days is finding something positive for their children to do during that time. Many times, it’s what kids choose to do during those extra few hours that end up determining success or failure in life.

If kids could go directly from their school to a place where “success is a habit” and they would be able to learn skills that last a lifetime… a place where parents can feel safe and rest-assured their child is doing the right things… would that be of interest to you?

I hope you said “YES,” because if you did, you’re going to be very excited with what I’m about to share with you.

Our Young Dragons After School Martial Arts & Character Development Program Will Be The Right Fit For Your Child.

The Young Dragons After School Program has benefits:

  • Transportation from local schools
  • We have homework Time
  • Math and Reading Programs and a Library
  • Morning Drop-Off
  • Free Martial Classes
  • Free Snack
  • Planned and fun Activities
  • Full outside Play Ground
  • State Licensed
  • Summer Camp
  • We are a Constructive Alternative to traditional Day Care.
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